The Fanciful Fox Bath & Beauty Product Review

For those of you who know me know that I am a bit of a girly-girl. I prefer freshly painted fingernails, never leave the house without putting on a layer of mascara, and I always finish my makeup application with some sparkly shimmer. A girl’s gotta have some bling, right? Who knew that a tree climbing, creek swimming, small-town farm girl would turn out to be so feminine? What can I say, I love all things beautiful including beauty products. It’s easy being a beauty product lover with today’s amazing plethora of vegan and cruelty-free products to choose from.

Allow me to introduce you to The Fanciful Fox, my new favorite 100% vegan, cruelty-free, organic and fair trade soaperie, bath & body company. I first learned of the company earlier this year when I received one of their lip balms as a gift. It was love at first swipe! No joke. As a finicky lip balm lover, this says a lot!

Little did I know that just a few months after my love affair began with my new Tangerine lip balm, I would accidentally meet the co-owner and creator of The Fanciful Fox’s products, Amanda, while attending a vegan bootcamp conference in New York City. I am not sure if Amanda was more surprised that I knew about her products, being from California, or if I was more surprised about running into her in NYC! After our meet-and-greet Amanda sent me one of her sample Soap Subscription boxes (yes, you can sign up to get a subscription of yummy soaps, lotions, and lip balms from The Fanciful Fox every single month for $19.95!) to experience and review. And boy have I been enjoying all my goodies!

Soap Club Subscription Box straight out of my mailbox
Soap Club Subscription Box straight out of my mailbox

As a two-time cancer survivor, ingredients are especially important to me. I steer clear of additives, colorings and artificial flavors in my food and, I do the same with skin care products as well. It’s not just what we put in our bodies, but also what we put on our bodies that impacts our health. Our skin is our largest organ and it is just as susceptible to toxins just as any other part of our body. Why not show our biggest organ some love? The Fanciful Fox is a bath and beauty company that uses quality ingredients to create luscious products that both our senses and our skin swoon over without harming ourselves, any animals or our planet.

After trying the products pictured above, I learned a lot more about this wonderful company. Both of the lovely women who run The Fanciful Fox are vegan and a mother/daughter team. Not only are all The Fanciful Fox products available online, but they also have a brick and mortar store in Scranton, Pennsylvania run by momma fox, Kathie and daughter fox, Amanda. In both the shop and online, their offerings are vast, ranging from bars of soap to flavored lip balms to pet products to deodorant and lotions. They also have a full line of products created especially for men. What don’t they have?

It was so hard to chose favorites among all The Fanciful Fox products that I tried, but I must say that both the Chocomint Fat Pucker lip balm and the Chocomint Foot Mousse & Body Butter tied for first place.

Chocomint Fat Pucker Lip Balm
Chocomint Fat Pucker Lip Balm

I absolutely love both products. I can’t get enough of the lip balm even though the size of the tube was intimidating at first. It reminds me of the old Lipsmakers big lip balm tubes that were popular in the 80’s when I was growing up, but this is even better. The lip balm tube is totally plastic-free, biodegradable and is made from cardboard. Like all of The Fanciful Fox products, the lip balm is chemical-free, paraben-free, animal product-free, cruelty-free, totally vegan and, the flavor smells exactly like chocolate mint ice cream. The Chocomint Foot Mousse & Body Butter smells exactly the same, but it’s super cooling and it leaves your feet feeling tingly after a single application. Ah-mazing!

Chocomint Foot Mousse & Body Butter
Chocomint Foot Mousse & Body Butter

The Fanciful Fox is a company that truly pays attention to detail. The ingredients are organic, fair trade, wildcrafted whenever possible and handmade in small batches. All ingredients used are approved by the FDA, the Cosmetic Industry Resource Center, and the American Cancer Society. Even the soap labels are quite notable; I hated removing the tree-free label in order to sample the soap because it was so darn pretty).

"The Optimist" and "The Romantic" bars of soap in their beautiful eco-friendly packaging
“The Optimist” and “The Romantic” bars of soap in their beautiful eco-friendly packaging

Like the labels, the bars of soap were (almost) too pretty to use! Both bars I tried had a wonderful scent (lavender and mint blends) and felt both invigorating and moisturizing to my skin. If you’re a soap lover like me then you’ll go head over heels for these decadent practically edible bars.

Whether you like the idea of receiving or gifting a monthly Soap Club Subscription Box or simply purchasing The Fanciful Fox products individually, you can! I recommend trying some of their flavored lip balms as there are some innovative and fun flavors (Peanut Butter, Chai Tea and Butter Pecan to name a few) to choose from. And remember that all of the products mentioned make great gifts, especially with the holidays just around the corner. You’re surely going to want to giddy up on over to The Fanciful Fox website to order up!  In fact, if you mention the word COWGIRL (all caps) in the coupon code box on the at check out, you will receive 15% off your order of any size until 12/31/13. Yeehaw!

As always, thanks for tuning in. If you are inspired by something you’ve read here or have a question please leave me a comment below. A huge thanks goes out to The Fanciful Fox for allowing me to review their incredible creations and for making me their new #1 fan.

xo, Kayle


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