Take a looksy at some of my partners, friends and inspirations.


See Jane Do: Everyday women doing extraordinary things!



Dahliana Naturals Skin Care: Award winning, cruelty-free, chemical-free, vegan skincare products.



Green Drink Diaries: A holistic cancer survivor’s take on health, healing and happiness.

Keep A Breast Foundation: Breast cancer prevention through art, education, awareness and action.

Kris Carr: Home of the Crazy Sexy Wellness revolution!



Kristin Lajeunesse: Founder of Will Travel For Vegan Food. Online marketing + social media + lifestyle coach (my personal help-me-get-my-sh*t done guru!).


Cowgirls & Horses

Leslie Ann Webb: Horse enthusiast, trainer and artist.

Wintec Saddles: The world’s #1 synthetic (vegan) saddle.


Graphic Design

Kathy Dotson, Designer & Illustrator:  Best darn graphic design anywhere!


Heath and Wellness

Big Sky Yoga Retreats: The place where yeehaw and namaste intersect.

6 Months to Live: What would you do if you had only six months to live?



Della’s Pet Bakery: The best vegan dog treats made from only 3 ingredients!

V-Dog: A totally new kind of dog food company: for pooch and planet!



Myrtle and Marjoram: Hands down my favorite photographer of all time!



Allison’s Gourmet: The most exquisitely decadent organic, fair-trade vegan treats on the planet!

Ayurvegan: Meet friend Joe Rakowski, an Ayurvedic practitioner living a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Pinup: Because veganism is beautiful and sexy!

Will Travel For Vegan Food: The journey of Kristin who’s dined at nearly every vegan restaurant in the US.

Vegan Cuts: Discover the best vegan products on the planet!




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