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Every single person on this planet loves cheese, right? Cheese is often the very last thing to go when transitioning to a plant based diet because not only is it tasty, but it’s also addicting. Since going vegan in 2008, I have come to love cheese alternatives in all of their yummy shapes, forms, colors, textures and of course flavors. Why? Because they are all cruelty-free and derived directly from plant sources!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Punk Rawk Labs for sending me some of their decadent cheeses to sample because sadly, I can’t find them any retail locations near me.

Let’s get one thing straight here, there is vegan cheese and then there is Punk Rawk Labs vegan cheese. This cheese is in a class of its own. It is pure, delicious, gourmet, handmade, fermented, raw, artisan cheese made from cashew and macadamia nuts. All Punk Rawk Labs cheeses are totally dairy free, gluten free, organic, raw, and made in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Punk Rawk currently makes four flavors of their nut milk cheeses, all are either cashew or macadamia based or a blend of both. Their flavors include: Plain, Nacho, and Smoked, all of which are cashew based, and also a cashew & macadamia based Smoked flavor. These cheeses are spreadable, are great on crackers and can be crumbled like ricotta or sliced in a Caprese salad. Here’s the rundown on the nutty flavors:

Cashew – this has the softest texture of their cheeses which is similar to goat or cream cheese and has a yummy earthy flavor. It’s fairly soft and is spreadable at room temperature, making it excellent for crackers and your favorite appetizers.

Cashew/Mac – this is a blend of both nut varieties, you get the best of both worlds! Not too soft, but not too firm. There’s an exquisite intermingling of textures and flavors of organic cashew and macadamia nut milks.


I’d bet that these photos alone are making you drool right now! I can attest from experience that these cheeses actually taste like the swanky cow and sheep’s milk cheeses that I used to eat while traveling abroad or at fancy parties. Speaking of which, if you’re having a party, serve up some Punk Rawk! I promise that your non-vegan guests will not know the difference.


So which flavor is my absolute favorite? It’s definitely a tie between the Plain (pictured below) and the Cashew/Mac Smoked (pictured above) which is rolled in cracked pepper. I have always loved smoky flavors and this cheese was no different, but I also really enjoyed the plain, probably because it goes well with everything.

PunkRawkPlainYou must get your hands, or rather your mouth, on these! Each flavor comes in a lovely little tin wrapped up in wax paper with a pretty little sticker seal. It’s like opening a little present each time you open a tin and one of the best things about their packaging is that it’s not made of plastic and it’s reusable! Punk Rawk Labs is vegan, eco-friendly, delicious and they just simply rock!

Interested in trying Punk Rawk Labs cheese but can’t locate them in your area? Don’t fret. Punk Rawk Labs cheese is available online via Vegan Essentials online store. Click here to view/purchase. Get your punk rawk on!

Yeehaw, Kayle xo


If you’d like to keep up with Punk Rawk Labs, you can follow them on Twitter, FacebookInstagram or by visiting them on their website.


All photos by Faye White Photo 

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  1. Love their cheeses! They are available in my summer sleepy mountain town of Fayetteville so I’ve enjoyed them all summer! Great review.

    1. Yeehaw Kat! They have Punk Rawk Cheese in Texas? Isn’t that where you are from? How’s the vegan cowgirl boot company coming along?

  2. Oh man these nut cheeses look DELICIOUS. Would love to get a hold of some of these and sample them with my friends and my boo 🙂

    1. Indeed they are delicious Amanda! I can promise you that! Thanks for entering and best of luck with the giveaway!

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