Product Review: September Vegan Cuts Snack Box


If you’ve ever wished there was a master list of new vegan items coming onto the market, look no further than my favorite go-to vegan marketplace, Vegan Cuts. I tend to think of Vegan Cuts as the for all things vegan. It’s a place to purchase animal free, cruelty free items such as food, beauty products, clothing, etc. In addition to their online shop, they also offer a monthly subscription Snack Box as well as a monthly subscription Beauty Box.

Last month, I had the pleasure of receiving my third (ever) Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I am always amazed at the plethora of vegan products that 1) I have never heard of before and 2) fit into the box. Each Snack Box is chock full of goodies ranging from protein powders to chips to supplements. Every month is always completely different and a total surprise. This last month’s (September) box was co-curated by none other than my friend and vegan celebrity chef, Jason Wrobel, and boy did he have some great picks!

In no particular order, here’s the rundown of all the goodies:

Chai Caramel Cobra Corn made by Dishoom Foods


Holy horses this stuff is good! This was my very first encounter with Cobra Corn and it was a memorable one. Could they have created a better flavor? I LOVE chai tea and this tastes exactly like chai tea married kettle corn! A perfect sweet and spicy flavor with great crunch that is naturally gluten free, non-GMO, preservative free, cholesterol free, low in sodium, low in fat and has no trans fats. Plus, the 3 ounce bag is perfect for on-the-run snacking. What’s not to love?



Barnana is are only made up of two ingredients (organic banana and organic coconut and that’s it!) and these make the perfect sweet and chewy snack. I often purchase a package of these before I travel. They are an excellent source of potassium, fiber and contain zero added sugars, preservatives or cholesterol. Even pet rats, like Luna pictured here, like these dehydrated, healthy snacks!

Earth Balance White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

VCEarthBalanaceMacCheeseIf you haven’t heard about Earth Balance‘s new vegan Mac & Cheese over the last couple months, you’ve seriously been hiding under a vegan rock! I’ve tried other Earth Balance products; I use their soy free buttery spread all the time, but hadn’t tried the Mac & Cheese until this week. I have to say that it’s been a long time (nearly six years) since I have enjoyed Mac & Cheese and this white cheddar is very reminiscent of the Mac & Cheese I remember as a kid. Earth Balance also makes a regular cheddar flavor as well.

Buddy Fruits Fruit Break Squeeze Pack


These squeezable fruit packs aren’t just for babies anymore! These squeeze packs made by Buddy Fruits are ideal for indoors and outdoors, whether you’re hiking or working from home at your desk. The packs are over 4 ounces of pure fruit and nothing else. This blend is absolutely delicious; it tastes like applesauce with banana and strawberries added. Squeeze away!

Bodylogix Chocolate Protein Powder, Four Sigma Foods Instant Shitake & Vibrant Health Field of Greens


Some of my other favorite products to travel with were featured in this Vegan Cuts Snack Box. We all know that greens are the best thing for you on this planet, right? And if you can’t eat them fresh, the next bet thing is to consume them freeze dried like in the Vibrant Health Field of Greens pack. You can add the supplement to water or to your favorite drink. This particular brand includes fourteen different leafy greens in their mixture, and all are kosher, vegan, organic and grown in the U.S.

With what seems like a million different plant based protein powders on the market, it’s challenging to choose which to purchase. I’m very picky when it comes to powders as they are expensive and generally are purchased in large tubs that take a long time to go through, especially if you don’t enjoy the taste. I must admit that Bodylogix Dark Chocolate protein powder was delicious! It’s soy and gluten free as well as GMO-free and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

At first I wasn’t sure what Instant Shitake (made by Four Sigma Foods) was. But after a closer look and investigation, I realized it’s a Shitake mushroom extract and herbal blend. What is it used for? It claims to be great for the skin and supports liver function. Mix a packet in your favorite drink or add it to baking. With the properties in mushrooms being beyond good for you, it’s time you get your mushroom on!

Ultima Electrolyte Replenisher Powder


If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t get enough electrolytes from “natural sources”. Electrolytes are essential in helping restore hydration to the body. Pure coconut water is one of the purest forms. If however, you find yourself in a situation without fresh coconuts nearby, Ultima has got you covered! These 1.5 gram packs are perfect for your pocket or for travel and only require having a glass of liquid to mix with (they suggest water). These flavored packs (orange and grape pictured here) have no sugar, nothing artificial are naturally sweet from plant sources, are non-GMO, gluten free and of course vegan.

One Potato Two Potato Kettle Potato Chips


What would life be like without a bag of potato chips every once in a while? I have a few favorite brands, that will remain nameless, but this little two ounce bag of all natural goodness has just given my favorite brands a run for their money. The taste of One Potato Two Potato chips in Hawaiian BBQ favor hits the spot and brings back adolescent memories during a time when I probably consumed more potato chips than I ever will again. If you love smoky flavors, you’ll be wishing you had more than one bag of this! Naturally gluten free, free of MSG, made in small batches using sunflower oil without artificial flavors, ingredients or preservatives, these potato chips will have you coming back for more!

And that’s the September 2014 Vegan Cuts Snack Box review roundup! If you’re anything like me and you love discovering all new things vegan, the Vegan Cuts Snack Box is is the perfect monthly gift to yourself (or a loved one). With an array of ever changing vegan products to try each month, you surely won’t be disappointed. The Snack Box can be shipped straight to your doorstep for only $19.95 per month (includes shipping). It’s perfect for your fellow vegan, anyone who cares about their health, or is on their way to becoming a plant based eater. Sign up here to get your very own and join the endless fun and yummy surprises!

Yeehaw & xo, Kayle


All photos by Faye White Photography