Product Review: Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips & Mango Stir Fry Recipe

Tofu is the most common meat replacement that I know of. I’ve been eating it for years, long before it became popular. And that’s because I became a vegetarian when I was in the sixth grade after my beloved backyard cow, Cupcake, ended up on my dinner plate. Tofu is so much more than it was way back then. These days it comes in a vast array of shapes, textures and flavors. You can find tofu products ranging from hot dogs, to ice cream, to an entire “turkey”. And while there are so many fine tofu and soy-based options, in my humble opinion, Hodo Soy is the cream of the crop when it comes to tofu products.

I recently came across Hodo Soy products at my local co-op and decided to try them after a friend mentioned how much he enjoyed them. After my initial purchase of their ready-to-eat Five Spice Tofu Nuggets, which I liked very much, I ironically found myself standing in front of the Hodo Soy booth at the San Francisco Vegan Iron Chef event last month. It was there that I was so kindly gifted several packages of Hodo Soy to try out on my own.

Come to find out, Hodo Soy is made in nearby Oakland, California and after much research, it appears to be one of the cleanest soy companies on the market. And, by clean I mean all Hodo Soy products are US-grown, totally organic, GMO-free, and made with whole soy beans. As we know, soy is one of the most common genetically modified foods grown in the United States. From their Braised Tofu to their Firm Tofu squares, you can truly “taste the difference” so it’s no wonder that’s just what their tagline says! The highest quality ingredients teamed up with the fact that tofu is a powerhouse of protein, and you’re left with nothing but nutritious goodness. Thank you Hodo Soy.




Last week I created a new dish using Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips. I must admit that I had not a clue what their meaning of “yuba” was. The only thing I have ever known to be called yuba is my beloved Yuba River here in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. So like me, you are probably wondering, what is yuba? It turns out that yuba is a delicacy. It’s also known as a “bean curd sheet,” or according to the Hodo Soy website, it’s the “thin veil that forms on the surface as the cream rises in heated soymilk…it has a creamy, nutty and subtly complex flavor, with a firm bite that is protein-rich and has zero cholesterol; [it can be cut into] noodles and makes for a great all-organic, gluten-free pasta dish. [It] is perfect for wraps and spring rolls, and is a wonderful addition into stews, soups and sautés.” And I totally agree!

I now having a love affair with both “yubas,” the river and the Hodo Soy strips. Get your hands on at least one Hodo Soy tofu product in the near future. You will definitely be able to taste the difference in quality. I suggest that you sample my new favorite, the Spicy Yuba Strips of course. And heck, make a trip to the beautiful Yuba River the next time you find yourself in Northern California.


This is the only "Yuba" I had heard about before discovering Hodo Soy Yuba Strips. This is the S. Fork of the Yuba River.
South Fork of the Yuba River


Vegan Mango Stir Fry using Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips 



  • 1 package (8 ounce) of Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips
  • 1 medium sized ripe mango (thinly sliced)
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • crushed red pepper
  • sesame seeds



  1. In a frying pan heat olive oil over medium-high heat
  2. Sprinkle a dash of crushed red pepper flakes on the oil
  3. Place the mango slices in the peppered oil and pan fry them until lightly golden
  4. Remove mango slices from the pan and set aside
  5. Add the Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba Strips to the pan and warm them thoroughly
  6. Add the mango slices back into the pan to warm up to the strips
  7. Serve right away in bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds


Cooking the mango slices
Cooking the mango slices
Cooking the Yuba Strips
Cooking the Yuba Strips with the mango
The final product, ready to eat
All done. Serve Mango Stir Fry warm in a bowl with your favorite chopsticks!



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