Product Review: Fuego Box ~ Subscription Small Batch Hot Sauces

Fuego Box Uno Hot Sauces

First things first. Attention all hot sauce lovers this post is meant just for you!

A few weeks ago I discovered a new subscription box company called Fuego Box. It’s perfect for lovers of all things hot sauce. The kind folks at Fuego Box reached out to me and sent over some amazing vegan hot sauces to sample. I should start by saying that I can’t handle too much spice so hot sauce isn’t something that you’d see in my shopping cart on a regular basis nor do I consider myself to be a hot sauce connoisseur. Just to give you an idea of my hot-o-meter, I tend to order mild salsa when I go out for Mexican food. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Sriracha, Tobassco and homemade hot sauces every now and again. In fact, I really enjoy Hard Times Sauce Co. sauces. You might recall my blog post I covered last year where I reviewed their sauces (read more about that review here).

Back to Fuego Box…

Fuego Box

What is Fuego Box? Plain and simple they are a monthly ($28.95) or quarterly ($29.95) subscription company that feature small-batch hot sauces (2-3 sauces per box– your first box includes 2 sauces and second onward promises 3 full sized craft sauces) that ship straight to your door. The company’s focus is “dynamic taste accompanied by the appropriate amount of heat; delivering the best hot sauces that you’ve probably never heard of without insane heat or gimmicky labeling.” And, what’s so exciting about their subscription box is that you never know quite what sauces you’re going to receive; it’s like opening a surprise package each month (or quarter). What fun!

Fuego Box Hot Sauces in the box

Though I was a little tongue shy, I did try the samples that Fuego Box sent and I must say that I was impressed. To begin with, I LOVED their simple boxes and packaging. All samples arrived safely and I was delightfully surprised at the content. Both bottled hot sauces had beautiful labels (Frankie V’s and Born to Hula) and in addition to the bottled sauces there were a few small packets of a third type of hot sauce (Palo Alto Fire Fighters). These made for a nice addition because these are perfect for on-the-go.

Fuego Box Uno Contents

The box also contained a card with information about each sauce as well as suggested uses; very helpful for the hot sauce novice like me. Perhaps my favorite of the contents was the 33 Drops of Hot Sauce log booklet. I loved the modern and chic look of the booklet. And hot sauce isn’t really that different from wine, right? It’s always good no matter what foodie situation to take notes if you ask me.

Fuego Box Hot Sauces

How’d the samples taste? I wish that I was a true hot sauce aficionado because then I could give a true account; but alas, my measly I-can’t-handle-too-much-spice taste buds will have to suffice…

I really should have read the label a bit more carefully on the Born to Hula sauce as it clearly states: “Warning hot! This is not for the weak!” So as you might imagine this sauce was a little too spicy for my taste buds (I’m guessing it was the ghost peppers that broke my threshold), even though I tried a very small amount. I do however, think this gluten free 2014 Golden Chile Winner might very well be loved by those who truly love heat.

The Palo Alto Fire Fighters Habanero Pepper Sauce was also pretty hot; it’s those darn habanero peppers that give the sauce that extra kick. It was nice to have a sauce included that is packaged in packets rather than in a glass bottles. These are perfect for hot sauce enthusiasts to keep on hand (in your glovebox, purse or wallet) to ensure that you can be condiment ready at all times!

Last, but definitely not least, Frankie V’s Spooky White Hot Sauce was my favorite of the bunch. While this sauce did have quite a bit of heat, I enjoyed it. Not only did I enjoy that this sauce is a different color all together (it’s considered white though looks cream in color), but I also enjoyed the thicker texture. I also appreciated that all their ingredients are organic, preservative free and they even put the word “vegan” on the front of their label. Is it so terrible that my favorite thing about this sauce was the label? Awesome logo and design. Frankie V’s you’ve turned this not-so-into-hot-sauce girl into a true fan!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that hot sauce lover in your life, you’ve hit the hot sauce jackpot with Fuego Box. While I have only sampled this one box in particular, I am certain that their other boxes will follow suit. Please note that all sauces I sampled were vegan (by request); I can’t guarantee that all their other hot sauces in their fleet are indeed vegan, but in my experience most hot sauces are animal free.

For more information about Fuego Box or to sign up or gift one of their subscription hot sauce boxes giddy up on over to their website: Get your hot sauce on and be sure to tell them that the cowgirl sent ya. Yeehaw!


All photos by Faye White Photography.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Fuego Box ~ Subscription Small Batch Hot Sauces

  1. I want this! I live for hot sauce. I love to make my own, but there are so many great ones on the market, too.

    I wonder if those packets are available in the Bay Area Somewhere

    1. You’d LOVE this monthly subscription box Charlie! And since those hot sauce packets are made in the Bay, I am sure you can find them online or maybe somewhere locally carries them. They’re awesome for your on-the-go hot sauce needs. Yeehaw!

  2. What a fun idea! I love hot sauce and have a little collection of varieties. Whenever I travel, I often get a local hot sauce from the place I visit.

    1. If you’re a hot sauce lover, you’ll love this subscription box Cadry! I have yet to receive a non-vegan hot sauce (some of them are even labeled vegan)!

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