Product Review: EatPastry Vegan & Gluten Free Baking Mixes + Cookie Dough


I have been a long-time fan of EatPastry, both the creative pastry-loving husband and wife team behind the brand, but also their out-of-this-world pre-made cookie dough that never seems to make it to my oven, but rather, straight into my mouth (spoonful after spoonful). I have been consuming the Chocolate Chip dough (it’s my favorite of their flavors) for at least 3 + years and the taste is reminiscent of my childhood– it smells like and has the same consistency of the chocolate chip cookie dough that I used to make with my sister as a kid– but only better because it’s totally free of any animal ingredients.

When I learned last year that the EatPastry brand was expanding to gluten free baking mixes I was ecstatic! I knew anything that EatPastry created was going to be the bomb and, I was right!


The 6 ounce packages of Buttermilk Biscuit mix (free of butter of of course), Chocolate Cake mix and Muffin mix tickled my fancy and were super easy to use even for the baking challenged folks like me. Having vegan chocolate cake, biscuits and muffins at my finger tips is a major plus especially since I live in a small town and such novelties aren’t always available in stores.


While I don’t have any photos to show of the creations I made from the EatPastry mixes (sometimes my photography skills are lacking so that’s why I often bring in professionals to help) I can assure you that all three of the mixes were both moist and delicious. My only complaint was that the mixes didn’t go far enough– I wanted more!


So here’s the bad news…halfway through me writing this review I discovered that the EatPastry baking mixes have officially been discontinued. Boo! Wah wah. Hiss! There is good news though…

EatPastry packaged ready-to-bake cookie dough is very much available and in fact, the packaging has been improved and looks better than ever! So instead of taking the time to share more about the baking mixes, which sadly are no longer available, I thought I’d highlight the cookie dough varieties (see below) instead. Check out their bright and fun new packaging and keep your eyes out for them (there are gluten free flavors available!) at your local grocer. You can read my review on the cookie dough varieties from a couple years ago here (even though the packaging has changed, I assure you that my positive feelings about the cookie dough has remained totally unchanged).















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All baking mix photos courtesy of Faye White Photography.