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Guest blog featured on Vegan Publishers website ~ December 5, 2013

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Cosmopolitan Magazine “17 Photos of Truly Remarkable People Doing Yoga on Horses” ~October 24, 2013 by Dara Adeeyo

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The Union Newspaper “Young Woman Beats Breast Cancer – Pays It Forward” ~ October 15, 2013

Five years after my initial breast cancer diagnosis I share my story. Written by Gary Cooke

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Guest Blog for Bay Area’s ~ September 17, 2013 

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Vegan Pinup ~ May 10, 2013 

Guess who cowgirled up?

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Keep A Breast Foundation Magazine ~ Fall 2012

I was featured in “Real Talk” – Journeys of young cancer survivors.

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The Union Newspaper “The Fight of Her Life” ~ October 5, 2009

My journey with cancer written by Nathan Falstreau.

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