My Interview with The Vegan Zombie

Earlier this week I made a quick jet-setting trip 3,000 miles away from home to upstate New York to film an upcoming episode of Cooking with The Vegan Zombie. Someone pinch me please! If you would have told me just three weeks ago that I was going to be invited to film with one of the country’s leading vegan cooking shows, I would have never believed it. Miracles do happen and sparkly vegan dreams do come true!

Much to my surprise, in addition to our time spent filming in the kitchen for an upcoming episode, The Vegan Zombie boys (Jon and Chris) also wanted to interview me. So, if you’ve ever wondered about my journey with cancer, how I became vegan, and a cowgirl, now’s your chance! Here’s the video where I share my story of how I became vegan after facing not one, but two cancer diagnoses.

Saddle up buckaroos for a close up look at my story and thanks for watching. Yeehaw!

xo, Kayle


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