Move Over Lotion, Meet Ellovi Body Butter!

While the month of September is huge amongst vegans with Vegan Mofo happening all month long, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and focus this blog post on one of my favorite things ever, vegan beauty products!

This past spring I met Kelly Winterhalter and Ryan Pamplin, the lovely faces behind the Ellovi body butter company while perusing the Vegan Earth Day event in Berkeley, California. I must admit that at first glance of the pretty pink & black frosted glass jar, I was curious, but I had my doubts. Body butter…yeah, yeah…we’ve all heard of it, and every lotion potion company makes one, right? What’s so special about it? Well dudes and dudettes, you better be sitting deep down in your saddles for this one because Ellovi, my friends, is different. Very different.


Ellovi Body Butter
Ellovi Body Butter


It wasn’t until I tried a sample of the body butter at home following the event that I really fell in love. And I mean in love, and on so many levels. To begin, being a cancer cowgirl myself, clean planted-based ingredients are very important to me. I wouldn’t put something on my body that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. Our skin, after all, is our largest organ and though many of us go to great lengths to protect it and make it appear as healthy as possible, even while sometimes spending hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, we don’t always use the cleanest products available. As we all know, the beauty industry’s products are laden with toxic chemicals and many test on animals. Ellovi is everything but that. The butter is an extremely hydrating body moisturizer made from straight from nature without harming animals (and of course it’s totally vegan). There are only six pure ingredients that make up Ellovi butter:

-Macadamia nut


-Marula nut

-Hemp seed


-Corn (non-GMO)

There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, parabens, or any other hidden ingredients. What else can you ask for? Seriously.

Additionally, Ellovi smells amazing (with no artificial anything, it has a nice, natural nutty smell) and it feels incredibly great on your skin. It’s not water based so it locks in the moisture and keeps your skin super hydrated, not to mention, it simultaneously keeps the bad toxins at bay. It even has an SPF of 15 to protect your skin from the sun. The butter feels great, it smells incredible and if I could I’d eat it (oh wait, I probably could because the ingredients SO pure!).

I also love the packaging. Evolli is perfectly kept in a eco-friendly and reusable 3.5 ounce glass jar and for 26 buckaroos ($26 that is) you can have a jar of your very own. This is not a pricey purchase; a little bit of butter goes a very long way!

For more information about this fabulous product that is suitable for both cowgirls and cowboys, be sure to check out their website: I know it will most certainly put a extra pep in your skin’s step, and it may even make you yell out a great big YEEHAW or two!

xo, Kayle


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