Interview with Dahliana Naturals Skin Care & GIVEAWAY!

As a vegan and cancer survivor I am often asked about my skin care routine and in particular, what products I use on my skin. I view skin care just as I do food. If it’s filled with chemicals or dyes I don’t eat it. I certainly don’t have any interest in putting something unnatural in or on my body. With that in mind, I am thrilled to introduce you to my favorite skin care line, Dahliana Naturals. This line is quite possibly one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. I am one lucky gal because not only are my favorite skin care products vegan, paraben-free, chemical-free, not tested on animals, and made from some of nature’s finest ingredients including organic acerola cherry juice, pharma-grade Co-Enzyme Q10, fresh fruit stem cells, cold pressed oils and juices, but they also happen to be created right here in my Northern California hometown of Grass Valley! I recently sat down with my friend and the Founder of Dahliana Naturals to find out how her award-winning skin care company came to be and what the latest and greatest happenings are in the world of truly healthy skin care. Take a look below at my interview with Carola May.

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Cowgirls & Collard Greens: Tell me a little bit about your background, how Dahliana Naturals came to be and what your vision was for the company?


Carola May/Dahliana Naturals: My background is in clinical skin care. I worked with a dermotologist for many years and I put people on skin care regimes. I realized how many chemicals are in today’s skin care products, and I started looking for an effective acid-based skin care line. I couldn’t find anything. There was no natural, organic and effective skin care on the market. I decided to create a chemical-free, effective and anti-aging skin care line myself, enter Dahliana Naturals. My vision has always been to create an anti-aging skin care line that uses the best of nature’s pure ingredients. 


CG&CG: Where did the name Dahliana come from?

CM/DN: I have always been inspired by the beauty of the dahlia flower which is environmentally safe and it’s unusual because it attracts all butterflies and bees. I wanted to incorporate the spirit of the flower into my company.


CG&CG: What is the most important thing to you as an aesthetician, the founder of an up-and-coming skin care line about your products?

CM/DN: My role is to educate people about awareness of the realities of most skin care lines and ingredients. The fact that I create fresh, natural, organic, nutrient-loaded, raw, skin care to nourish the skin sets a new tone in the skin care industry.


CG&CG: Dahliana is about to launch some new and exciting products. Can we get a sneak peek at what they are?

CM/DN: I just launched a brand new scrub that’s called Daily Therapy Scrub. It’s perfect to use in your daily skin care routine as most scrubs are too harsh, too drying and too aggressive to the skin. It’s a sweet surprise full of coconut and fresh cold-pressed vanilla bean. Those who have tried it say that it smells good enough to eat!


CG&CG: Where do you see the future of skin care going?

CM/DN:  I see the future of skin care is going into raw and organic skin care. We are going to see a lot more of it over the next year. Dahliana Naturals will continue to be on the cutting edge of skin care using all the latest ingredients.


CG&CG: Thank you so much Carola for your time and sharing some insights into my all time favorite skin care company from someone who knows it best! I am excited to see where Dahliana Naturals goes in the future. I look forward to being there every step of the way. Keep up the great work! 


In addition to interviewing Carola May and her fine line of luxury skin care, I’m also sharing my personal Dahliana Naturals favorites. While there are many wonderful items to chose from, here a few that I use on a daily basis:


Refreshing Citrus Cleanser


I use this incredible cleanser two times daily (morning and night). It smells delicious and is perfectly foamy. You only need to use a tiny bit because it lasts a long time. It’s great for all skin types.


Seabuckthorn Berry Creme


Picking a favorite Dahliana Naturals product is kind of like playing favorites amongst your children or pets. But, if I had to pick a favorite I might just choose this. I use the Seabuckthorn Berry Creme first thing after I have washed with the Refreshing Citrus Cleanser. I love the smooth and creamy texture that’s not to thin or not too thick. I have never used a day creme that I like better.


Overnight Fruit Lift Creme


This wonderful overnight creme has the same texture as the Seabuckthorn Berry Creme that I love so much. I use this every other night. It helps to firm, tighten and lighten the skin and can be used on both the face and neck. It’s filled with wonderful ingredients like cherries.


Dahliana Naturals products can be purchased online through their website (use the coupon code: cowgirl for a 25% off discount good through 1/28/14). You can also stay connected through their social media sites:






And now for the *GIVEAWAY* !!! Dahliana Naturals has so kindly gifted me one 4 oz. Daily Therapy Scrub (this scrub smells SO good it’s almost edible!) to give one lucky follower.




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22 thoughts on “Interview with Dahliana Naturals Skin Care & GIVEAWAY!

  1. I agree with you about not wanting to put chemicals and dyes in or ON my body. I am always interested in learning about companies whose products I can feel safe using. I’d definitely love to give Dahliana Natural a try for this reason.

  2. How did I miss this? How long has Dahliana been in business? Such a small town, I’m shocked I haven’t heard of her. I’ve been looking for a new skin care regimen, minus the chemicals. I’ll have to check this out!

    1. Dahliana Naturals was formerly called Dahlia Naturals and the Founder owns and runs Skin Studio downtown GV. I am not sure how many years she’s been around, but definitely a few. I get regular facials from her as she’s also an aesthetician. Good luck you’ll LOVE her products! Take advantage of her sale going on right now!

  3. What most intrigues me is the ingredient list (organic acerola cherry juice, pharma-grade Co-Enzyme Q10, fresh fruit stem cells, cold pressed oils and juices). I love that I actually recognize the name of the ingredients and it’s a definite plus that the products smell good enough to eat.

    1. You’re so right Amanda! The Daily Therapy Scrub has to be one of the most delicious smelling skin care products ever! I want to eat it! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  4. I am really in love with Dahliana skin care! the products are absolutely amazing. its makes me really happy that i can find effective and natural skin care. thank you Dahliana!

    1. I love it too Sofia! That’s awesome that you know and love Dahliana! Cheers to you and great looking skin!

  5. Oh my goodness I was just thinking about how I needed to try a new skincare! What’s even funnier is that this company has the (sort of) same name as my cat Dahlia! I didn’t know that the flower attracted all the different bees and butterflies, but I too agree that it is a beautiful flower. I believe that skin care should also be safe, like this flower, while making you feel beautiful inside and out!

    1. What a beautiful response Shannon! I absolutely LOVE all of Dahliana Natural’s products and I am certain you will too! Yeehaw!

  6. The ingredients sound like something I can’t wait to put on my skin! Just like my stomach is sensitive to what I put in it, so is my skin sensitive to what I put on it! Even some of the socalled natural, organic stuff is NOT! Look forward to trying!

    1. This is the real deal Tracy! All of the Dahliana Naturals products are truly out of this world! You will love them!

  7. Intrigued….yes. It is wonderful reading of your story and the importance of what you put on your skin. I enjoy very much to support cruelty free products and also to be fortunate to try a new product that looks and sounds delicious for our very important organ of the skin!! Thank you !

    1. Thanks Jan! Yes, it’s SO important not only what we put IN our bodies, but ON our bodies too! I LOVE all of the Dahliana Naturals products and I am sure you will too!

    1. You bet Christine! I think you might really like these products as they are made with sensitive skin in mind, plus they are local to Grass Valley. Yeehaw!

  8. Any product that is almost edible and SAFE? you bet I would have it in my shower. It’s so true that once you realize how many chemicals are in so many beauty products, the offerings of what are good for you get super diminished. Thanks Daliana for making an amazing sweet and delish treat for my cancer free skin!

    1. Indeed! Seeing as though you live where these wonderful products are created, I suggest you get your hands on them cowgirl! Yeehaw!

  9. We have a WINNER!!!! Congrats to Shannon who won the 4 oz. Daily Therapy Scrub. Shannon check your email. Thanks and yeehaw!


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