Going Vegan with Beauty Products: An Interview with Carola May, Founder of Dahliana Skin Care


Several years ago I became friends with the lovely Carola May, an aesthetician in my little Northern California town of Grass Valley. Carola and I became quick friends and soon thereafter, I became one of her skin care clients. I was drawn to Carola’s approach to skin care– always natural, never involving chemicals, something that was especially important to me as I was undergoing treatments for cancer at the time. It wasn’t long after that Carola decided to create her own line of skincare products using the best of nature’s ingredients. I have been exclusively using Dahliana products now for several years and love them! I hope you’ll find some inspiration in what Carola has to share about using plant-based, chemical free products. Even if you don’t live in Northern California, Carola’s line of wonderful products (such as my two favorites pictured below) can be purchased online. Please help me welcome Carola to the blog today!

Carola May

Cowgirls & Collard Greens: What do you think has sparked the growing trend for raw and vegan beauty products?

Carola May: A new paradigm of awareness and sustainability! Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, so it’s just as important as the food we eat. People aren’t just falling for the hype nor the candy-coated medical findings. Everybody is searching for a more healthy and well-nourished lifestyle these days and for this reason Dahliana Skin Care has become very conscious of how we source our own ingredients. There is a very special energy when you stay in tune with being a natural human!


C& CG: Who do you see is leading the movement (i.e. consumers, brands, both)?

CM: The numbers are now really saying the educated consumer drives the market for vegan and raw beauty products. Skincare is starting to come around, however, when you pay close attention to the actual ingredients of some products on the market, it is quite evident that there are a lot of companies misrepresenting themselves.

People are now starting to be more aware of toxic ingredients and their potential effects. We at Dahliana see a trend more towards simple and natural ingredients that don’t contain fragrances (natural or chemical) which may harbor hundreds of hidden chemicals potentially affecting the consumer.

Overnight Fruit Lift

C& CG: Tell us more about the topical benefits Vegan Beauty products offer.

CM: For one, the end user benefits by avoiding an endless list of chemical ingredients and animal by-products. The skin is very sensitive and what better way to nourish it than with plant-based products?


C&CG: The word ‘food grade’ is popping up more and more on our ingredients lists. Can you tell us what this means and its consumer benefit?

CM: “Food Grade” is a standard minimum where a substance qualifies as fit for human consumption or is permitted to come into contact with food.

The benefit is that manufacturers are considering healthier alternatives rather than non-food grade ingredients for human consumption and use. Don’t be fooled, however, parabens are also considered to be “food grade” ingredients.


C&CG: Which specific ingredients excite you most?

CM: Cold pressed juices and cold pressed oils. They contain a plethora of nutrients, anti-oxidants and even anti-inflammatory qualities. From the basis of nature, recipes are infinite!


C&CG: What’s the biggest misconception about raw and vegan beauty products?

CM: One big misconception about raw and/or vegan beauty products is that they can’t be as effective as an Rx brand or medically endorsed products. That is simply untrue. For example, most pharmaceuticals on the market are derived from natural plants from the earth. With that said, it is quite evident that most plant-based ingredients have an endless array of benefits to offer the beauty industry.

Citrus Cleanser

C&CG: Look to the future and tell us how you see this trend and category developing?

CM: The demand for transparency in beauty products is growing. With the increase of pollution and chemicals all around us, it is most suitable to begin protecting ourselves at square one, by paying attention to what we eat and what we put on our skin!


C&CG: Thank you for taking the time to enlighten my readers on the many benefits of plant-based skincare products Carola! I am very happy with all of the Dahliana products that I have tried. I use your cleanser and moisturizer on a daily basis and am so glad to share my love of them with my subscribers. 

Carola May

Carola is the founder of Dahliana Skin Care, born in Hamburg, Germany, has been a medical Aesthetician for over 20 years helping her clients achieve naturally beautiful skin. Carola lives in the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevadas in California with a tremendous respect for nature and our environment. Her passion for nature and her organic lifestyle has influenced her natural Dahliana Skin Care product brand.

Carola’s early experience in the medical field of Dermatology and expertise in the understanding of skin, have contributed to the professional strength of Dahliana Skin Care products that offer a valuable alternative to products that contain chemical acids and damaging retinols.

During Carola’s early experiences as aesthetician, she began to look toward the future of skin care and believed strongly in creating a truly natural product line that offers visible and immediate results.  Through the success of Dahliana Skin Care, Carola has seen just that. Her clients are experiencing outstanding results with less wrinkles, creating luminous and supple skin! She has made her clients dreams of achieving beautiful skin possible by developing a truly innovative skin care line that is made with fresh fruit juices and nourishes and restores the skin.

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