Cruelty Free Fashion: Designer Vegan Cowgirl Boots by Kat Mendenhall

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I have loved cowgirl boots my entire life. I can still remember the little brown leather pair I had as a kid. Those boots were a perfect match for both of my favorite pastimes– tree climbing and horseback riding. Since then, I’ve gone bootless most of my life– not wearing or owning another pair of cowgirl boots until just after my cancer diagnosis in 2008. I was drawn to the idea of finding a pair of “cancer kicking” boots that would help “aid” me through my journey. After all, I did grow up a cowgirl and it made sense to go back to my roots. While my first pair of adult cowgirl boots weren’t vegan, I dreamed of a day that I could purchase a cruelty free version. That day is finally here thanks to Kat Mendenhall, purveyor of leather free vegan cowboy boots, Western Wear and cruelty free accessories. Now all of us cowgirls and cowboys can custom order our very own pair! Yeehaw!

Let me introduce you to beautiful Kat Mendenhall– Queen of vegan cowgirl/cowboy boots…

Photo by Lindsay Miller Photography

I met Kat Mendenhall in New York City in 2013 when her boot company was just an idea. Within a year or so Kat’s idea had come to fruition. A vegan and native Texan, it was no surprise that Kat created the first cruelty free, Texas-style cowboy boot company. All of Kat’s boots are made in the Lone Star state using durable U.S. sourced materials. Boots can be made for both men and women using different colors in both material and stitching. Take a look below at a few exmaples of Kat’s boots, and be sure to visit her Shop page for even more boot ideas, styles, colors as well as custom orders.

The Shicksters.
Photo by Lindsay Miller Photography
The Unsalted & the Unshucked.
Photo by Lindsay Miller Photography

Thanks to Kat, I recently received a pair of boots, made just for me. While I have been savoring them a bit, (I’ll admit that I’ve had them on display in my bedroom) I finally wore them to a special event last month. I love them. They fit well, are beautifully crafted using materials that pass as leather, they are comfortable, and of course, very stylish.

Photo by Faye White Photography

For those of you curious about pricing, Kat’s boots are made of sustainable, high quality synthetic materials and each pair is handmade. Both men’s and women’s boots start at $395.00. For specific colors, sizing, styles and custom ideas visit for more information.

Writing this post reminded me that it’s really an incredible time to be vegan. Not only are there literally hundreds of plant based food products to chose from (that were not available a couple years ago), but there are many cruelty free fashion alternatives to wool, silk, goose down as well as leather. Kat’s boots prove that animals do not have to suffer for fashion or for comfort. Keep a close eye on Kat Mendnehall who recently expanded her company to not only include boots, but also wallets, belts and socks. I’m not sure what will be next for Kat, but I assure you it will be something big (just like Texas!) and exciting for all of us in the vegan community.

xo, Kayle

For more information about Kat Mendenhall and her company be sure to read her recent interview with Chic Vegan or visit her website. You can also follow her on any of her social media platforms:  Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.


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  2. Wow .Those shoes look so cool.I love it .Great art,cle by the way.I have an idea ı will make shoes like this but use arabic and indian pattern.Like Mehndi (henna) designs.Esspacialy arabic mehndi designs will be perfect.

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