Book Review: Cook & Survive cookbook by The Vegan Zombie

Less than five months ago I met many of my vegan heros while attending a vegan-related event in New York City including the two guys behind the popular YouTube cooking show, The Vegan Zombie. From the moment I laid eyes on Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd, the creative duo behind The Vegan Zombie project, I was star struck, not to mention shakin’ in my vegan cowgirl boots. It took me a while to overcome their stardom along with their amazing good looks, before I felt comfortable enough to talk to them. It wasn’t long before I was at ease (it’s hard not to be, as Jon is just as funny in person as he is in front of the camera) enough to spend some quality time getting to know these two talented vegans. I had great reason to be star struck. These guys have over 35,000 followers on their Facebook  page and receive between 15,000 – 20,000 hits every week on their YouTube channel. Who knew that a couple months after our original meet-and-greet I’d consider both Chris and Jon personal friends, and that I’d be featured on their show not one, not two, but three times (check out my interview with The Vegan Zombie here, my Cancer Fighting Green Juice Recipe here, and my red carpet interview here)! Holy horses…I mean, zombies!

Today I hold in my hands The Vegan Zombie’s Cook & Survive vegan cookbook that is quite literally hot off the press. Only a few hundred people have a copy on this brand new book as it was a reward as part of their Kickstarter campaign and has only been sent out to those who have contributed. Don’t worry cowgirls and cowboys, the book is currently available for pre-order (click here to order your very own copy for $24.95) or alternatively, you can download the e-book here for $9.95. On a recent trip to the east coast to ring in the new year, I unexpectedly met up with The Vegan Zombie boys (thank you subzero temps for canceling my flights home) and got a sneak peak into their new book while in their presence. Lucky, lucky me.


Don't yet have your copy of The Vegan Zombie's Cook & Survive cookbook? You're not safe! Go get yours today. We're ready. Are you?
Don’t yet have a copy of The Vegan Zombie’s Cook & Survive cookbook? You’re not safe. Go get one!


I bet you’re wondering what a zombie themed cookbook looks like. And perhaps you’re wondering what’s inside, because we all know that’s what counts, right? Well, just as you might imagine, the book contains many of their most popular recipes that have been featured on their YouTube Channel. There are 180 pages of over 85 delicious vegan comfort food recipes including many mouth-watering photographs to boot. And as an added bonus for you comic fans, the book includes a fully-illustrated comic featuring Chris and Jon as well as their infamous sidekick, Indy the German Shepherd.


The front cover of The Vegan Zombie’s Cook & Survive cookbook


The back cover of The Vegan Zombie’s Cook & Survive cookbook


The recipes are clear, consise and are very appealing even to me, who believe it or not, does very little cooking. One of my favorite recipes is their Coconut Bacon Bits (page 165). You can quite literally be devouring crispy “bacon” within a matter of minutes using only four ingredients; all you need is a mixing bowl and an oven and you’re off to the races! Page 115 features another one of my favorites, Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes. Yup, you heard that correctly, I had never heard of them before either, but they’re so easy I can’t believe I didn’t think of the recipe myself!

This cookbook covers it all — breakfast recipes, soups, salads, starters, sides, main dishes, desserts, drinks and even vegan dog food for your favorite pooch! Cook & Survive brings fun into the kitchen even for omnivores. It encourages what I believe is the best way to eat for health, for the planet and for the animals. If you want to steer clear of zombies or a zombie apocalypse you’re sure to stay completely safe creating, trying and eating these yummy vegan favorites. Lock your doors, pull out your spatula, put on your cowgirl boots and head on into your kitchen. You’re sure to set fire to some amazingly delicious recipes that are creative, fun and taste great. Yeehaw!

~Kayle xo


There's always time for makin' funnies when you're with The Vegan Zombie boys!
There’s always time for makin’ funnies when you’re with The Vegan Zombie boys!



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